Packable boots that can be folded into a small size and are convenient to carry are useful in various situations such as rainy weather, muddy footing with poor footing, and rowing in the bush.

It is comfortable to wear because it uses a soft material.

Easy off heel kick make taking the boots on and off a breeze.  Specially designed non-slip sole make traction on slippery rocks and banks a piece of cake.  Comes with storage bag.

If you want a snug fit, the same size as your regular shoes is suitable, but if you expect to wear thick pants (trousers) or thick socks go up one size.

 L: 26.0 ~ 26.5cm (size 8-8.5)

XL: 27.0 ~ 27.5cm (size 9-9.5)

XXL: 28.0-28.5cm (size 10-10.5)